📘 Thursday, Jun. 17, 2021, Badalona

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Woke up early for a change 😹. Got up, felt tired as shit, but there was no way in hell I could go back to sleep while being soaked wet in sweat and the heatwave hitting me at the same time as a air stream was hitting my sweaty body. That’s uncomfortable and I would definitely catch a cold. So, I got up and took a nice shower. Grabbed me some coffee and sat down in front of the laptop to do some work, although wasn’t productive at all.

10:30AM came around so I decided to at least make some good use of the morning and went to my boxing gym, Club Boxa Sant Adrià, to get some light workout done. Ended up doing 8 rounds of sparring, although light. Got some sweat out and burnt of some energy. Came back home, took a noice shower and again in front of my laptop writing these lines.

Gotta be productive for the rest of the day, so I’ll add more later tonight.

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📘 Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2021, Badalona

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Woke up a bit late cuz I stayed up until 4 doing some work and photo editing for my friends. On Sunday we went to the Bunkers Del Carmel to watch the sunset and hang out together for some quality friends time. I used the chance to take some amazing photos of us. Take a look at some of them:

On Saturday wen on with my day by doing some work, then meeting with my friend Michael who’s on vacation from Madrid for a few days here in Barcelona. We went to the beach, swam for the first time since last year, got some exercises in at the beach gym, then afterwards went on to hang out with my friends at Passeig Del Born, which is famous for the many bars and the nightlife. The whole place was packed to the brim! Polic eventually routed everybody out though.

On Sunday spent time at home organzing my clothes, my room and my office, and afterwards went to Bunkers Del Carmel, of which you already saw the photos. We hanged out there and then Yasir and me went to the beach. We stayed for a bit and expected some friedns to come over, but they didn’t, so we went back home. As usual, on our way to the bus station Yasir and me talk and share our thoughts. It’s nice to have close friends like that with whom you can talk with trust.

Then Monday woke up again a bit lateish, but went straight to work. A bit later hit the gym, did some more work, some late night photo editing, series watching and finally sleeping.

And here we are; Tuesday June 15th of 2021. Time sure flies by! Went to the technical job interview, met with my friend from Madrid, hit the gym for some “light” workout, on my way back home saw a very disgusting show of homosexuals performing sex acts on stage at the plaza/park of Sant Adria De Besòs in front of kids. How disgusting can these people be? Very, as they show.

Anyways, here I am, doing some more work before going to sleep. See ya on the next one.

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📘 Friday, Jun. 11, 2021, Badalona

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I love Fridays! I always wake up happy because I know there is an early One Piece leaked manga chapter waiting for me to be read. I wake up feeling great, quickly grab a coffee, sit down behind my laptop and start reading the chapter taking my time. feelsgoodman.jpg

Regarding the rest, here we are. Gotta make some dough. Not enough time to get stuff done. But today I’m not going anywhere, so might as well give it my all with my work and get a couple of tasks out of the way.

Without further ado, on with the day.

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📘 Thursday, Jun. 10, 2021, Badalona

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Woke up early a bit before 8AM feeling a little bit worse than yesterday. My fever has worsened, but I expect to be able to make it to the job interview next to Sants. The guy who put me in contact with the company got the covid, so he won’t be accompanying me. In any other case I’d have waited to go next week with him, but we’ve been postponing this interview for several weeks now, so I’d rather get it out of my way.

Anyho’, it’s good to wake up early to get more work done. Drank some tea accompanied by some russian pastries and also grabbed a coffee to jumpstart my brain. Getting stuff done is AMAZIN’!

Nothing much else to report. Looking forward to getting this day over with. See ya later.

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📘 Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2021, Badalona

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Woke up again lateish, and feeling sick. Eating the cold watermelon on Monday was a mistake. And drinking cold water, plus sleeping with the windows opens and current air hitting me didn’t help either.

Anyho’, no bitching to me though. Gotta keep working regardless. Gotta keep going to the gym and go to the work interview tomorrow afternoon. I’ll deal with the cold the best way I know how: with Frenadol, lots of drinking tea and clothing with several layers in this hot summer so I can sweat this one out! Ain’t nothing stoping me! 💪

So yeah, another day for getting stuff done. And talking about getting stuff done, there are several immediate things waiting for me to take care of, so see ya!

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📘 Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2021, Badalona

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Another day, another dollar. Had a shitty night’s sleep and woke up pretty late feeling like shyet.

Got up, prepared some coffee, sat down my laptop and started hammering away and getting some work done.

As I’m writing this its almost 7PM, so time to go hit the gym again. For now sufficient work has been done so I can go with an easy mind.

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📘 Monday, Jun. 7, 2021, Badalona

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I’ll keep this one short and sweet because there’s lots to do, yet so little time.

Woke up a bit late, but feeling ok. Grabbed a coffee and jumped right in front of the laptop to hammer out some code and get the work going again.

I expect to advance quite a bit of work and moving forward to focus much more on work instead of the weekend pleasures.

Without further ado, see ya in the next one.

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📘 Thursday, May 27, 2021, Badalona

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At first woke up feeling very tired at 7 to go to pee and perhaps start my day too. But the toilet was occupied so I went back to bed waiting for it to be free. I waited for quite a bit and fell asleep waiting. Woke up again at around 10:40 feeling kind of more rested and this time with the toilet free!

So yeah, felt quite relieved after emptying my bowels. 😊

Prepared my coffee, set my e-scooter to charge, started planning my morning and the rest of the day, got in front of the laptop to hammer out a new Five Minture Journal post, and the rest will be history! See ya a at night.

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📘 Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Badalona

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As of lately (last few weeks) I’ve been more occupied with the reforms at home rather than my own work. I seriously need to focus on my own work and take care of the tasks ahead. Also, I’ve been hitting the gym once per week for the last three weeks; once because I didn’t have time, then because my wrists hurt, and the latest due to hurting my leg when I wrongly kicked a dude. Anyways, that’s that.

Sunny days are becoming more common, although some days, and specially, nights can become rather quite cold. It’s to be expected of Spring season though.

So yeah, the last week has been interesting too. We made a new Active Barna Boys Instagram group for the most active true Barna Boys members to step up our game, our clothing, the venues we hit, our life goals, etc. These are interesting times.

Right now nothing else much comes to mind. I should write more often so that I don’t forget the interesting bits.

With that said, see ya in the next one. Hopefully shortly.

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📘 Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Badalona

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Woke up after sleeping in for another 2 hours, which were very much needed. Otherwise I’d have spent the night in zombie mode.

Got my coffee and went straight to work after washing the dishes. Got some work done, some more paperwork sorted out, helped my dad out with some house reforms, went to training, had dinner and now finishing the day by completing a couple of last tasks. I’m intending on sleeping on time.

See ya tomorrow.

PS: Check out this new song by the Armenian band Gorgeouz Beats

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