📘 Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021, Badalona

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Had a terrible sleep last night. The tuna I had for dinner took my stomach for a spin. So, despite laying in bed since 1:30AM I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30AM. I had to sleep in until 11AM…

And I woke up not feeling all that great. But, hey, there are days like these. Gotta suck it up and keep moving forward.

One good news is that 2/3 of my online orders of camera gear finally arrived. Of course, the one order that doesn’t find its way to me is because of Correos… Man, they suck ass.

Anyho’, it should arrive the next day. Or so I hope.

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📘 Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021, Badalona

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Days fly by! But not without progress. Last night stayed up until very late so I could finish my camera gear research. I finally bought most of the necessary streaming gear, so this Sunday we’ll be able to start testing with Twitch. I’m very excited about these new projects! It’s all about testing and seeing what works and what doesn’t, optimize and enjoy!

So yeah, lots happening in the photography/videography/streaming department. Regarding work too. Closing projects one by one and starting new ones. Gotta make that dough! €$£

Got lots of work in front of me.

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📘 Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, Badalona

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Last Monday of this strange perfect February. Perfect in regards to starting the first day of the month on Monday and ending the last day, the 28th, on a Sunday.

Last Sunday night spent all night researching information on camera gear I’ll need to be able to do high quality Live streams and high quality professional grade photography. I’m going BALLS DEEP with this! I’m never EVER going half-assed into anything. Before seriously taking anything on I ponder about it a lot and do my research. I consider the costs and the ROI, otherwise it’ll just be an expensive waste of time.

Here we are, yet another Monday for working hard and getting stuff done. This week I’ve got plenty on my plate so let’s make it count!

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📘 Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021, Badalona

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Saturday! Woke up a bit late though. I mean, I woke up sooner, at around 9ish, but decided to sleep in a bit more, because my body didn’t feel all that good. Knowing my body I just know forcing myself to get up and go on with the day will be pure torture and quite unproductive. I’m way more productive when I’ve got my fair share of sleep and rest.

Anyways, there is some work to take care of, because the workweek didn’t end on Friday. We gotta keep on pushing and get more hours of work in. There is so much to do yet so little time, so just sitting around and wasting time is not ideal. If you want something you gotta put the work in.

Regarding photography and vlogging, day by day I’m learning and mastering the basics. I’m also buying all the necessary accessories, so the expenses are piling up. 😅
But these are aboslutely necessary expenses, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do my work and realize my projects.

Anyho’, gotta finish writing this blog post and go grocery shopping. This weekend I get chicken nuggets as my prize for working hard!

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📘 Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, Badalona

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If this were any other Friday then I’d be reading a new leaked chapter of the One Piece manga, but Goda (Eiichiro Oda) decided to take a break. Personally, I don’t care if the author takes time off. I prefer for them to take time off so that they can enjoy a break from churning out a new chapter every week. Doing that for more than 20 consecutive years, as Goda has been doing, takes a toll on your body. Let him take his breaks and enjoy his life too. It’ll benefit everybody.

Anyways, so here I am again, in front of my laptop, and the two camera related products arrived from Amazon! Now I can make videos and photos for much longer periods of time with the 128GB of space. I made a test video of 1:32 minuts long, and it occupies like 600MB… which I think is a lot. But yeah, quality comes at a cost.

The coming days will be occupied with lots of work, as always. But interesting nonetheless.

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📘 Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, Badalona

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Wednesday already. Time flies by. Things come and go. Guess one cool thing that came? Yes, you’ve guessed it from the posts’s featured image; my NEW Sony Alpha 6600 Camera for Video and Photography!

I’m going to be obsessed with this toy for the coming weeks haha. I’m going to go FULL steam ahead with content creation for spreading the right message. I’ll also do professional photography once I master it, and put my work on sale on popular photography portals. I’m planning to make money and get my investment back.

Anyways, regarding my day; I woke up late, because I went to sleep at around 6:30AM…
It’s only getting worse this “not sleeping on time” thing. I should really take much better care of my body.

Talking about taking care of my body; I think it’s hight time to go back to some boxing. Watching my friend train hard at the gym makes me a bit jealous. I also want to be in there and sweat some of this fat away!

So, on we go!

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📘 Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, Badalona

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I tried to post every day for an entire month straight, but alas I couldn’t do it. Got distracted, forgot one day, felt too lazy to add a post another day, again forgot the next day, gave up on Sunday, and here we are.

Not much to add. Important events have been accompanying mom to the airport, hanging out with friends, researching for my new camera gear, do some work, etc.

Today is Monday, a new day of a new week, but just another day in the year nonetheless.

On we go with our day.

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📘 Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021, Badalona

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Wednesday! That means the One Piece early spoilers for the upcoming next chapter are published on Reddit! I know, I shouldn’t ready any spoilers, because after all, as the very name suggests, it’ll spoil the experience of reading a brand new chapter without knowing what to expect. I just can’t help myself. 🤷‍♂️

This last night slept a bit bad because of an annoying mosquito which didn’t let me be at peace. Kind of my fault for staying up watching Youtube videos instead of falling asleep. 😹

Anyways, new day, same work. Yesterday got my new elevable desktop table frame though! My father came to help me mount the tabletop and install it in my office room! I’m so happy to finally be using these productivity enhancing furniture! 😁

It definitely is a different experience working while standing. Currently I’ve got shitty conditioning, so I’m not able to stand many consecutive hours. I’ll slowly get back to it, no problem.

Another good news is one that I practically forgot since December: Liquicity’s Yearmix 2020 by Maduk!
I’m listening to it right now. It goes without saying that it’s AMAZING!!!

Without further ado, on we go with the rest of the day. There is lots to do and yet so little time!

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📘 Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, Badalona

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Day 9, almost 1/3 of the month over with. It has been quite enjoyful until now, but we’ve got to push harder.

I still can’t fully enjoy laying in bed without any worries, because there are still so many prisoners of war captive in the turkish azerbaijan. They’re still being tortured on a daily basis, some of them being executed in a brutal manner. I PROMISE, they’ll pay for all the evil they inflict on others. No crime will go unpunished. These stupid turks have awaked a beast they shouldn’t have. They don’t even know what’s coming to them. All in it’s due time. Time will show.

That brings me back to my business, my projects, and their evolution. I’m still working hard. Days fly by and I see progress being made. It feels good to not be waiting on anyone else to do what I’ve always know to be my own work and responsibilities.

I know who I am and what needs to be done. I’ll make peace with those who want it, and I’ll destroy those who dare to raise their hand against me and my people.

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