We’re back in a month of August. MY favorite month of the year! MY month! It just FEELS right!

Woke up feeling good at around 8:45AM, but decided to nap a bit further, so ended up waking at 12PM. I’ve been sleeping better now that I’m sleeping in my old bedroom again. A few months ago I switched to the one next to the bathroom, but since the heat started again I haven’t been sleeping all that well. Seems like my father and his wife going on vacation has done me a big favor.

Back to the usual; it’s working time. Gotta advance an important project, then get another one near completion, so I can get both their invoices paid and lighten my debts a bit. It’s stressing me out quite a bit so I’d like to get it resolved ASAP. Also, I’ve got to save up some money for September, which is when I’d like to travel to Armenia and potentially get my military service and passport worked out. Here is hoping for the best.

In regards to the social life, all is good. A few days ago saw my girlfriend, then went to see my good friend, and then came back to hammer out some more work. Also, I’ve been working and having deep conversations with a good friend of mine who came back from the Netherlands to stay and live in Barcelona. He took a big step but confident it was the right step for him and the next chapter in his life.

So yeah, that is pretty much it. Gonna take this day easy with some Age Of Empires 2 playing after I advance the two projects to a considerable degree.

See ya!

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