๐Ÿ“˜ Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021, Badalona

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Chill day, Sun day. Yesterday stayed up until late at night. I should really stop that shyet. Sleeping on time and getting a good rest is vital for being productive the next day. But since the next day (today) was a Sunday, I figured; “why not stay longer?”, so I did.

Anyways, woke up and got to do some work until my friend Alfons hit me up to go have lunch for his birthday (which is tomorrow, but we celebrate today with Halloween). We went and had some amazing lunch in Masnou, after which we came back to Barcelona and I came home to quickly get a couple of hours more work done before heading out again and meeting up for the dinner and drinking, then move out to celebrate his birthday and Halloween in the city center’s pubs.

Regarding this last week; I’ve been working hard on closing an important project that I’ve been trying to close for a few months now. It needs to be done ASAP, so I work hard on getting it done. It’s starting to frustrate me a little bit.

Aside from that project, next week, on the 9th, I’ll be going to Madrid for a few days to get my Estonian E-Residency and see a couple of friends there. I love Madrid! Can’t wait to visit it again before moving back to Armenia for good.

Now gotta go back to do some work and head out to party!

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๐Ÿ“˜ Friday, Oct. 22, 2021, Badalona

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Just like that, since the last post, two entire weeks flew by.

Went on a two day vacation-visit to see my mom and aunt, and cousins who I hadn’t seen in person since they were born. Was nice to finally meet them in person and hang out together after only interacting digitally through Instagram. ๐Ÿค—

All in all Russia was pretty much in the range of what I had expected. Nothing much stood out. The only thing standing out was the part of flying over Russia and seeing all the farms and cities perfeclty organized and being worked on, which I think is a pretty close idea of what I had in mind for my own country, Armenia. We can make it happen, little by little.

On the trip back I came across a cuban guy who was also having trouble with the Russian passport control since we both didn’t understand nor speak Russian. We had some help of other kind passengers who helped us get past the Russian border control. We talked and got to know eachother and I offered myself to help him since he was planing on staying a long time in Armenia, minimum a month and possible more.

The moment we landed in the Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan and arrived to the passport control, things got complicated for my new friend. It turned out he hadn’t filled in his VISA form and thus was being denied entrance into the country. He had to wait from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning. I helped him out by buying some groceries and brought it to him to the airport so as to help him avoid having to pay a shit-ton of money for basic food and drink supplies. At the very least it alleviated his suffering just a tiny bit.

Unfortunately, on Monday morning, he ended up being denied entry on some grounds I can’t remember. All the suffering for nothing. Anyways, he ended up buying a ticket back to Moscow out of his own pocket. I just hope my help avoided him taking the decision to never come back to Armenia and perhaps someday give it another chance! One can only hope.

Regarding myself, after fixing my passport and military service, aside from the trip to Russia, I didn’t do anything else of significance. Just some shopping in the Abovyan city on the other side of the mountain and highway. Then the flight back to Barcelona through Greece, the same way I came to Armenia.

Since I came back I’ve been working hard to get my issues here sorted out as quickly as possible. Five days in and I can say I’m satisfied with the work done up until now. Just gotta keep up the hustle!

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๐Ÿ“˜ Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, Badalona

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Yo yo yo! Wassup fam!? It has been two whole-ass months since my last entry. The more I say I’ll get back to it, the longer I actually take in coming back.

In these past two months quite a lot of things have happened. Most important: I went to Madrid and got my special flight permit back to Armenia. On September 12th flew back to my homeland. In the three weeks since then got my new passport and right now I’m 2 days away from getting my military service release papers, after which I should FINALLY be a ๐Ÿ’ฏ free man!

Coming back to my REAL home is making a very big difference and impact on my body, mind and soul. It’s like I finally found some peace after it was eating away at my very being for the last few years living among gypsies and lowlifes of all sorts. Yes, Barcelona is a very nice plice for living the easy life, while paying the chill price in the form of taxes, but the toll it takes on somebody like me is just not worth it. There is sooo much to do and act upon that it irritated me that I couldn’t do jack all about them. I’ve got a whole country to myself called Armenia, so I wasn’t going to waste away my life working for another, be it Spain, the Netherlands, or whoever.

Anyho’, things are like this right now. Currently working from the summer house near a village we bought a couple of years back. My good fortune has it that the telephone and 4G antennas are right above my house, so I can work comfortably as if I were in the center of the capital itself. Internet is cheap, so are all the other living expenses. Although, if you’re not careful these assholes will try and overcharge you. That’s how “smart” these countrymen of mine think they are.

They’ll talk all nice and shit but still stab you in the back for pennies. These people are starving for some pennies. Deplorable. Let’s see if I can change that. If it continues with this mentality then this country will be done for in the near future. This country ain’t dissapearing on my watch. On the topic of corruption I’ll write a dedicated post to outline all my experiences in detail. Stay tuned!

Regarding other topics, I’m looking to settle in the country, little by little. Adapting is going better than expected, but I’m still finding some difficulty to communicate because my Armenian is not as good as I’d like it to be. No worries though, I’ll slowly come to it.

Gotta figure out the task of finding a home in the capital, taking care of the home and field in Nurnus, the quick trip to Russia, my online agency (which I finally restarted), taxes, finding a wife… as you can see, many things left to be taken care of.

Little by little.

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