Yo yo yo! Wassup fam!? It has been two whole-ass months since my last entry. The more I say I’ll get back to it, the longer I actually take in coming back.

In these past two months quite a lot of things have happened. Most important: I went to Madrid and got my special flight permit back to Armenia. On September 12th flew back to my homeland. In the three weeks since then got my new passport and right now I’m 2 days away from getting my military service release papers, after which I should FINALLY be a πŸ’― free man!

Coming back to my REAL home is making a very big difference and impact on my body, mind and soul. It’s like I finally found some peace after it was eating away at my very being for the last few years living among gypsies and lowlifes of all sorts. Yes, Barcelona is a very nice plice for living the easy life, while paying the chill price in the form of taxes, but the toll it takes on somebody like me is just not worth it. There is sooo much to do and act upon that it irritated me that I couldn’t do jack all about them. I’ve got a whole country to myself called Armenia, so I wasn’t going to waste away my life working for another, be it Spain, the Netherlands, or whoever.

Anyho’, things are like this right now. Currently working from the summer house near a village we bought a couple of years back. My good fortune has it that the telephone and 4G antennas are right above my house, so I can work comfortably as if I were in the center of the capital itself. Internet is cheap, so are all the other living expenses. Although, if you’re not careful these assholes will try and overcharge you. That’s how “smart” these countrymen of mine think they are.

They’ll talk all nice and shit but still stab you in the back for pennies. These people are starving for some pennies. Deplorable. Let’s see if I can change that. If it continues with this mentality then this country will be done for in the near future. This country ain’t dissapearing on my watch. On the topic of corruption I’ll write a dedicated post to outline all my experiences in detail. Stay tuned!

Regarding other topics, I’m looking to settle in the country, little by little. Adapting is going better than expected, but I’m still finding some difficulty to communicate because my Armenian is not as good as I’d like it to be. No worries though, I’ll slowly come to it.

Gotta figure out the task of finding a home in the capital, taking care of the home and field in Nurnus, the quick trip to Russia, my online agency (which I finally restarted), taxes, finding a wife… as you can see, many things left to be taken care of.

Little by little.

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