Chill day, Sun day. Yesterday stayed up until late at night. I should really stop that shyet. Sleeping on time and getting a good rest is vital for being productive the next day. But since the next day (today) was a Sunday, I figured; “why not stay longer?”, so I did.

Anyways, woke up and got to do some work until my friend Alfons hit me up to go have lunch for his birthday (which is tomorrow, but we celebrate today with Halloween). We went and had some amazing lunch in Masnou, after which we came back to Barcelona and I came home to quickly get a couple of hours more work done before heading out again and meeting up for the dinner and drinking, then move out to celebrate his birthday and Halloween in the city center’s pubs.

Regarding this last week; I’ve been working hard on closing an important project that I’ve been trying to close for a few months now. It needs to be done ASAP, so I work hard on getting it done. It’s starting to frustrate me a little bit.

Aside from that project, next week, on the 9th, I’ll be going to Madrid for a few days to get my Estonian E-Residency and see a couple of friends there. I love Madrid! Can’t wait to visit it again before moving back to Armenia for good.

Now gotta go back to do some work and head out to party!

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