Woke up latish, around 1PM. Somehow lately I’m not able to fall asleep until 5AM and it messes up with my whole daily schedule. It’s in dire need of an urgent change, otherwise I’ll stay unproductive like this for the next month or two. Can’t have that, specially now that I’ve got to fix my stuff before going back to Armenia forever.

In any case, regarding the daily stuff, the last couple of weeks have been advancing at a snail’s pace. Not very productive overall, or at least not as much I would have liked. Doesn’t matter though, better late than never, and instead of beating myself over it might as well just look at it as taking a break from the continuous craziness.

Since I got my company up and running, had to fix a few details here and there. Preparing the website so that I can offer my services right away on both my site and other platforms. Looking good, but gotta push to finish it ASAP so I can actually start making some money. Kinda going broke here. So, yeah, that’s the situation overall.

Regarding friends and stuff, trying to go back to regularly hit the boxing gym again and starting to fast again. In the friends department, we’re hitting it off nicely. Going to old places, new places, new activities, also making some new friends along the way. Doing my stuff, basically.

All in all, making progress. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Just gotta get into my groove to hit it off.

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