Weeks go flying by and I have yet to take of many tasks. Seems like getting the driving license before heading back to Armenia is out of the question, so I lost the 50€ bet I made with a friend. 😅

Anyho’, it has been two entertaining weeks nonetheless, having fun here and there with friends, playing padel, visiting Barcelona landmarks, parying, taking photos, training hard, etc. so it doesn’t feel much of a waste either. I could have woken up earlier though, one of my few regrets.

No point in sulking over it though, so I move on. Gotta take care of my work and company, and start hammering out the fixed price jobs and take on some work, cuz I’m going kinda broke over here. I should be going back to Armenia with some cash in my hand.

In regards to this fine sunny Sunday, gonna visit a friend for dinner and watching a movie. Nothing crazy, just a chill day of leaning back and taking it easy.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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