Wassup everybody? I’ve been away for quite some time, working out hard at the gym, partying during the holidays, catching the covi outbreak, taking this last month very chill and now preparing to move back to Armenia permanently. I plan on coming back for vacations of course, but don’t expect me to move back to Europe for living. Ain’t no way in hell. I’d much rather move to an Asian country. Plenty to pick from.

So here wer are, yet again. Writing in this blog felt like a chore for the longest time. Sure, many times it was fun to write down my experiences so I can reminisce in the joyful past memories in the future, but it was hard to get the ball rolling. The more I told myself to write more often, the more I’d do the opposite. I’m of the opinion that things shouldn’t be forced. You’ve got to let things run their natural course. But it’s also true that sometimes you might regret not forcing yourself to do what you’ve got to do. Going to the gym to workout or doing your job in a constant manner come to mind as good examples. There are several very interesting posts in the works though, which I’m sure you guys will love to read, so be on the lookout for them!

Anyway, not to bore you with details, but got most of my stuff prepared. I’m currently scanning all my documents so that I can have my papers at hand if and when needed, because I’ll be leaving most of my documents here in Spain, in the care of my father and he’ll leave it in the care of my good friend, I guess. Aside from the documents there are all my stuff that I need to get rid off too, like the printers, IT stuff, etc. I’ll be giving my height regulable desktop, office chair and other cool gadgets to my good friend who’s also into IT so that these items can be continued being given some use instead of throwing them in the dumpster or wasting my time selling them for a couple of euros.

Regarding the gym, this Wednesday I had a light sparring session with my coach and then a hard one with a contemporary gym mate. We started out slow and ended up banging it out. Even when I ended with a bloody nose, it was still very fun!

Aside from preparations I’ve got several other tasks laying around waiting to be taken care of, so I’ll update you guys once it’s done.

C ya!

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