📘 Saturday, May 28, 2022, Barcelona

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Good morning y’all! What a night it was! Lost a couple of teeth in a street “playa” fight! 😹
Keep reading to find out the full story! lol.

Overall, yesterday was quite a good day. It started out nicely, getting right on the laptop and started working. Later in the afternoon, the optical fibre internet technician came to install the new Jaztell 1Gbps line! Got installed quick because the optical fibre line was already there from a previous company. I got the sweet 1Gbps! 💖

Feels good to finally enjoy these crazy speeds! Hopefully I can get the same in Armenia. One can hope.

At night I had a meetup with my good friend Yasir and co. Met up at Monkey Factory, but we went walking to another meetup because Monkey was empty. At the other place it was way more crowded and with a better atmosphere. At the new place (can’t remember the name) we met with a group of people we knew, so we played some pool, chatted for a bit, had a drink, and afterwards decided to go to the beach.

We bought some snacks and sat on the sands of the Barceloneta beach. All was fine and dandy, listening to some music on Parthik’s speaker he went to get, eating the snacks, joking around and chatting.

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📘 Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Barcelona

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Almost 2 months since the last entry. Plenty of time for plenty of things to happen!

Since my last 5 minute journal post I’ve moved back to Barcelona (for vacations), went to VOMA’s military training, met many like-minded people there, partied hard with them, got some work done, went to work at my cousin’s company for a few days as part of a job interview, and many more things.

I’ll dedicate a couple more in-depth posts to a few of the topics I mentioned previously. For now I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point. All I want for now is to publish a journal entry so that I can take this huge load off my head.

Moving forward (I know I’ve repeated this ad nauseam already) I’ll try to write more often, preferably daily.

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