Another day of feeling regular after a noral night of sleep. Got a steamy coffee and back at the laptop typing away again.

Got a bit of a busy day ahead with work, going shopping and seeing friends. The sooner I get on it, the sooner I’ll be done.

Might as well use this chill day for plannig the next few weeks so as to clarify what I have to do and not brain my brain energy thinking and planning on the spot at every turn. Gotta optimize.

Also, I’d like to think about and start working on the 30-day challenges. One clear challenge will be making sure to write an Five Minute Journal post every single day for 30 days. Another couple of obvious ones would be to train and fast everyday for 30 days. No better time than now to start working on them. But if I announce it then I’ll be held accountable for it. Gotta plan.

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