QR: Jews Pretending to Disagree

To me it’s clear as day these jews are pretending to be fighting when they publicly call eachother out for wrong behaviour, one criticizing and the other supposedly defending the host, in this case India, about a movie depicting one side of the Kashmir conflict.

One jew supposedly condemns the movie as “propaganda” and the other jews are kissing ass to please and further antagonize Indians against their Desi brethern, just like they’ve been doing with the Slavs (Ukrainians and Russians) who are now locked in a fight to the death.

Divide and Conquer, as they say. A game perfected by the Evil Tribe of Satan.

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QR: Brian Nguyen, a Obese, Mentally ill, Male Pretending to be Female, Wins Beauty Pageant… WTF

The Evil just made another statement, which tantamounts to spitting in Real Women’s face, stating; a FAT FUCK MALE is a BETTER WOMAN than actual WOMAN!

What has the world come to? Oh, it’s the US? No surprises there then. Afterall the US is the leading country in matters of degeneracy, and as the saying goes; “when the us sneezes the world catches a cold”, so expect this BULLSHIT to be exported to other western countries very soon.

Women, don’t tolerate this. It’s not doing you any favors going along with this mass psychosis of mental delusion. Stand up against this Evil! Boycott the whole thing if you have to, but NEVER go along!

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QR: USA, South Korea and Japan Better Stop Fucking Around Before You Find Out the Hard Way NOT TO FUCK WITH NORTH KOREA

As the title says, better stop now and avoid finding out the hard way! North Korea is not one for games and hasn’t forgotten all the previous blatant terrorist attacks and war you waged on them. I’m all for North Korea having the weapons and means to continue defending themselves and using them as deterrents … Read more

QR: Pretending to be A Man of the People For the People

UPDATE: Seems like the guy deleted the video. What might have been the reason? I’ll link another one of his videos then, because the important thing is to associate his “supposed message for unity” with a face so you guys recognize him next time you come acrose him.

It’s guys like these who reek of being a chosenite. I mean, his name already points in that very direction, “Iman Gadzhi”, as being from the Dagestan area, of possibly Avar origin. If we were to do a DNA test on this guy it’d probably show a high affinity to haplogroups commonly found in jewish populations.

Until he properly identifies himself I’ll continue assuming his part of the problem instead of the solution, which he so vehemently tries to pose as.

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QR: You Will Eat the Bugs, Live in the Pods, Own Nothing, and Be HAPPY

…and they’ll make you kiss their feet as thanks!

Yes, that’s the dystopia that’s slowly becoming reality. They’ll piss on you, convincing beforehand it’s good for you.

Don’t believe me? Look how they conviced people into mutilating their children (transnazism), separated Man and Woman (feminazism), separated the population by classes (evil marxism), etc.

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QR: Woke Mob Going After Decent Man Vassilis Tsiartas

The woke cunts are trying to establish themselves in Greece by attacking the very cultural roots of the Hellenic Republic. They felt called out by a tweet of the footballer dating back to 2017 and decided to make an example out of him, but instead created a martyr.

Fuck the faggot woke mob attacking the greek culture! Bunch of pedo cunts.

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QR: A Warning to Women

Get your shyet straight. Feminazism is lying to you. They promised you’d get everything you wanted, that you’d get the job, the pay, the man and the family. THEY LIED.

“Good” Men don’t want an old dried-up career-oriented masculine woman. We don’t want women like that.

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