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Just some dude on the Internet trying to make this world a better place by uniting the races with truth instead of dividing them with lies.

QR: Slack Jumping on the Mental Disorder Normalization Bandwagon

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There is this harmful trend going on in the West, part of the Godless globo-homo degeneracy, which is about normalizing mental breakdowns. In the beginning it was just some of the biggest key companies of the West who mainly pushed for the implementation and normalization of the neo-marxist tenets, but soon enough every other company is trying to jump on the bandwagon to score some virtue signaling points.

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QR: The Time a Terrorist Sympathiser gave a Lecture on Religious Morality to the Depraved Europeans

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You know you’ve fallen to the deepest of depths when a terrorist sympathiser gives you a lecture on morality. I mean, how much worse than that can it get until you understand you’ve long lost the moral superiority? I’m talking to you, the collective “West”.

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QR: ARMOS Flailing and Flapping when Called Out on their Defeatist Rhetoric


Recently, while in the process of shutting down my social media accounts, I saw a post of Zartonk Media and under it many comments I didn’t like at all, so I proceeded to troll and provoke them a little. And sure enough, one BETA MALE ARMO particularly stood out among all the other feeble-minded defeatist rhetoric spouting ARMOS.

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What am I doing right now?

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Last update: December 18th

🌍 Now I’m living in…

Nurnus, Armenia! Finally moved back again to my Fatherland! You can be DAMN sure I won’t be going anywhere on vacation without a return ticket! Being stuck for so long in Spain was not good… seriously.

🎯 My daily focus

– Working with clients in Spain, UK and the US remotely from home through my Estonian Web Development company.
– Still setting up my new company’s site and fixed price jobs on there and on UpWork.
– The shoulder injury got a bit better after doing some exercise during the previous month. Now I’m a bit inactive again so I’ll take it easy with sudden movements.
– Nutrition-wise, Armenian food is just The Best!
– Learning and perfecting Armenian through the Ayolingo app. (on hold)
– Planning on retaking Dutch. (on hold)
– Planning on learning Russian. (on hold)
– JS/PHP/Laravel courses through Laracasts. (on hold)
– Still reading tons of articles and tutorials daily on the net.
– Sis still lives in Valencia, Mom went back to Spain and will be soon once again going to Russia (this time just visiting) and dad went to Spain.
– I’m physically back in my Fatherland and actively looking for a good wife.
Around the house
– Got rid of all my redundant stuff and leftover tasks in Spain. Only things left there are my paper documents, of which half I got digitalized.
– Looking for a new appartment in Armenia that I can buy through a mortgage, and for the mortgage I’ll need to land a job at a company.
Online presence
– Setting up streaming gear and software to start a new podcast. Currently practicing and it’s going well. (on hold)
– Already set up my Armancius social media. Make sure to follow me on your favorite platform!
– Looking to create online video courses for learning programming for my fellow compatriots. (on hold)

🤷‍♂️ What is this «Now» stuff?

Based on Derek Sivers’ «Now», this page is a place where I share the stuff I’m working and focused on at this very moment, something similar to catching up over coffee with a long-time friend.

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