Friday, last “workday” of the week, in the sense of pushing hard for completing projects. The rest of the weekend is taking it easy.

Woke up a bit late because yesterday stayed up until 2-3 AM. I’ve got to learn to go to bed on time goddamit! It fucks up the whole next day!

Anyway, drank my coffee and went right to work. Got some work done and went for shopping because I was really hungry and there was little around the house. Got some very necessary stuff and came back. I took my time though, to use it as a break.

Now here I am, almost at the end of the day. Gonna finish a couple of tasks and go to sleep.

Tomorrow is will be a new day.

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. … coffee.
  2. … technology.
  3. … being able to do what I love.

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. … ready.
  2. … able-minded.
  3. … working hard.

What would make today great?

  1. Last push to complete the set minimum 40 hour work week.
  2. Take the day easy.
  3. Sleep on time.

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. Got almost all the work done.
  2. Didn’t stress out myself.
  3. Gonna try to go sleep on time.

How could I have made today even better?

If last night I had slept on time today I’d feel much more energetic instead of dragging my body along.