Monday! Starting the week right by waking up on time and getting right onto the pending and routine tasks. Went to the gym and did some work on the laptop, so far so good.

The plan is to continue working until late at night, focus on getting work done and being productive. Gotta make some money already, can’t postpone this any further!

If I feel like it I might go for another round of training, perhaps cardio. Feeling kinda energized despite little sleep.

Without further ado; onwards with the day!

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. … the sun.
  2. … the warm day it has been until now.
  3. … my healthy body.

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. … focused.
  2. … energized.
  3. … getting shyet done.

What would make today great?

  1. Get lots of work done.
  2. Maybe hit the gym again.
  3. Sleep on time… (*sigh*)

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. Got some work done.
  2. Went to the gym.
  3. Slept more or less on time.

How could I have made today even better?

Nothing much I can remember.