Last update: February 18th

🌍 Now I’m living in…

Yerevan, Armenia! Finally moved back to my forever home in my motherland!

🎯 My daily focus

– Working with clients in Spain and the US remotely from home through my Estonian Web Development company.
– Still properly setting up my new company’s site and fixed price jobs on there and on UpWork.
– Started training boxing again at a gym here in Yerevan after a month long lay-off.
– At the time of writing this, just moving back to Armenia and consuming the standard nourishment my country provides, already has made me feel much better than in Spain. But, for even better results, I’ll have to talk with an Armenian nutricionist to maximally optimize my bodily development.
– Learning and perfecting Armenian through the Ayolingo app.
– Planning on retaking Dutch. (on hold)
– Planning on learning Russian.
– JS/PHP/Laravel courses through Laracasts. (on hold)
– Still reading tons of articles and tutorials on the net.
– Sis still lives in Valencia, Mom went to live in Russia and my dad still lives in Spain.
– I’m physically back in my motherland and actively looking for a good wife.
Around the house
– My father is selling the stuff around the house in Spain. I’ll tell my good friend there to take care of the IT stuff.
– I’m planning on maxing out my home office setup like I did in Spain.
Online presence
– Setting up streaming gear and software to start a new podcast. Currently practicing and it’s going well. (on hold)
– Already set up my Armancius social media. Make sure to follow me on your favorite platform!
– Looking to create online video courses for learning programming for my fellow compatriots.

🤷‍♂️ What is this «Now» stuff?

Based on Derek Sivers’ «Now», this page is a place where I share the stuff I’m working and focused on at this very moment, something similar to catching up over coffee with a long-time friend.