Last update: April 12th

🌍 Now I’m living in…

My mortgaged apartment (25 years left 😭) in the sunny Barcelona. Well, technically Badalona, but I consider myself to be living in Barna because I usually spend my days in the center. Planning on moving back to Armenia which might happen very soon.

🎯 My daily focus

– Working with clients in Spain and the US remotely from home.
– Researching registering for the Estonian E-Residency. (on hold)
– Setting up my online Web Development Agency. (on hold)
– Today I’m getting back to doing sports, spefically Boxing.
– I’ll also be starting intermittent fasting for 3-4 weeks.
– I’ll have to talk with a nutricionist for the most convenient food for my body.
– Learning and perfecting Armenian through the Ayolingo app.
– Planning on retaking Dutch.
– JS/PHP/Laravel courses through Laracasts.
– Reading tons of articles and tutorials on the net.
– Sis still lives in Valencia, Mom went to live in Russia and my dad still lives nearby.
– Planning on moving back to Armenia and form a family. For that it seems the Armenian military is working on an amnesty for those over 27 years old who didn’t serve in the obligatory military service.
Around the house
– Cleaning up the house by putting all the unnecessary stuff up for sale through Wallapop and other second hand portals. Gotta push for this one and be done with it.
– Improving my office room to the max, to make working feel as good as possible. Close to perfecting it.
Online presence
– Setting up streaming gear and software to start a new podcast. Currently practicing and it’s going well.
– Already set up my Armancius social media. Make sure to follow me on your favorite platform!

🤷‍♂️ What is this «Now» stuff?

Based on Derek Sivers’ «Now», this page is a place where I share the stuff I’m working and focused on at this very moment, something similar to catching up over coffee with a long-time friend.