Last update: October 6th

🌍 Now I’m living in…

My summer house in Nurnus, Armenia. Finally moved back here after so many years of planning!

🎯 My daily focus

– Working with clients in Spain and the US remotely from home.
– Made the request for the Estonian E-Residency. (awaiting answer)
– Setting up my online Web Development Agency. (in progress)
– I’m planning on going to a boxing class/sparring in the capital Yerevan.
– I’ll have to talk with an Armenian nutricionist for the most convenient food for my body.
– Learning and perfecting Armenian through the Ayolingo app.
– Planning on retaking Dutch. (on hold)
– JS/PHP/Laravel courses through Laracasts. (on hold)
– Reading tons of articles and tutorials on the net.
– Sis still lives in Valencia, Mom went to live in Russia and my dad still lives nearby.
– Still planning on forming a family here in Armenia. Now that the first steps have been taken the rest will happen naturally too.
Around the house
– Cleaning up the house by putting all the unnecessary stuff up for sale through Wallapop and other second hand portals. Gotta push for this one and be done with it. Will retake once I temporarily go back to Barcelona.
– Improved my Badalona apartment office room almost to the max. Was very nice working from there. Now planning on doing the same here in Armenia.
Online presence
– Setting up streaming gear and software to start a new podcast. Currently practicing and it’s going well. (on hold)
– Already set up my Armancius social media. Make sure to follow me on your favorite platform!

🤷‍♂️ What is this «Now» stuff?

Based on Derek Sivers’ «Now», this page is a place where I share the stuff I’m working and focused on at this very moment, something similar to catching up over coffee with a long-time friend.