Last update: July 8th

🌍 Now I’m living in…

Yerevan, Armenia! Finally moved back to my forever home in my motherland! But right now on vacation back in Badalona, Spain.

🎯 My daily focus

– Working with clients in Spain and the US remotely from home through my Estonian Web Development company.
– Still setting up my new company’s site and fixed price jobs on there and on UpWork.
– Got a shoulder injury which impedes me from properly lifting my left arm. Gonna take a bit of a rest for it to properly heal up.
– Nutrition-wise, Armenian food made me feel much better. Currently in Barcelona and enjoying the typical spanish food again.
– Learning and perfecting Armenian through the Ayolingo app. (on hold)
– Planning on retaking Dutch. (on hold)
– Planning on learning Russian. (on hold)
– JS/PHP/Laravel courses through Laracasts. (on hold)
– Still reading tons of articles and tutorials daily on the net.
– Sis still lives in Valencia, Mom went to live in Russia and my dad came to Armenia.
– I’m physically back in my motherland and actively looking for a good wife.
Around the house
– Gotta sell all the remaining stuff in the appartment, specially now that I’m sharing it with a new roommate.
– Looking for a new appartment in Armenia that I can buy through a mortgage.
Online presence
– Setting up streaming gear and software to start a new podcast. Currently practicing and it’s going well. (on hold)
– Already set up my Armancius social media. Make sure to follow me on your favorite platform!
– Looking to create online video courses for learning programming for my fellow compatriots.

🤷‍♂️ What is this «Now» stuff?

Based on Derek Sivers’ «Now», this page is a place where I share the stuff I’m working and focused on at this very moment, something similar to catching up over coffee with a long-time friend.