📘 Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, Badalona

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2/3 of the month complete. Not that I care about timeline that much anymore. It’s constantly the present moment, which is all that matters. I highly recommend the “The Power Of Now” book by Eckhart Tolle.

Anyways, woke up very late today. Actually, woke up at 6:40AM and kind of felt ok, but decided to lay down “just a little bit longer”…
Ended up waking up at 7AM, 8AM, 11AM, and then finally got up because my Amazon package arrived. 😑

So, here we are again; in front of the laptop. Gotta hammer out those codes and make some $$$.

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📘 Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, Badalona

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Days keep flying by and progress is kept being made.

Woke up after some 3-4 hours of sleep. My body kind of feels weak, so I’ll take the day easy and probably go for a quick nap at around 2PM, otherwise I won’t be able to perform during the afternoon at my 8h full time job.

I woke up some 30 minuts before the alarm went off though, because of an annoying mosquito that bit my head 3 times! I got up annoyed and went after the damn thing, squashing it once I caught it! REVENGE! 😹

Anyways, prepared some coffee, started with some administrative tasks, and now here I am; finally waking up at the right time and getting to work! It’s still a bit stressfull having a part-time job next to a full-time one, and I’m not even talking about the other satelite projects…

But, nevertheless, I ain’t bitching! How could I complain when my Brothers are suffering through worse day in, day out, patrolling the border and fighting the enemy!? The least I can do is get my shyet together and do my best, for everybody’s sake!

Full steam ahead!

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📘 Friday, Jan. 16, 2021, Badalona

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Days keep flying by and I’m still here in front of the laptop. Everyday when I wake up, and every night when I go to sleep, there is only thing on my mind: GET WORK DONE.

I’ve taking my future seriously and thus am compensating for all my lazines untilt now. At least this time around I’m in the business of making some serious dough. 😹

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing much. Due to not going out and doing anything I don’t have anything to write about anyway. This Sunday though I’ll go to the center to hang out for just a bit with friends so we can catch up and breath some fresh air. Also, for my friends to see that I’m still alive, lol.

In short, today also worked all day. I’ve been working 54 hours this week, which makes for an average of 11 hours per day. 11 hours of REAL work, not fucking around.

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📘 Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, Badalona

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Goddamn, it’s the 12th already. Time flies by! I wanted to start off this year writing every day in the Five Minute Journal but ended up doing less. 😅

Anyways, almost two weeks have already gone by and lots of work has been done, and lots of work is still waiting to be done. I’ve been working hard to get things of my list and concentrate on one client only, with whom I’ve signed a very interesting contract!

I’ve already worked with this client for quite some time, so we know eachother quite well, but we wanted to take the work relationship to the next level and here we are! Now, let’s see how this progresses. I’m certainly looking to make this work! This work has a lot of potential for bearing fruit, it’s only a matter of working hard and make it happen.

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📘 Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, Badalona

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Tuesday already! Time flies by when there are a hundred things left to do!

Had a special friend come over at my place for a movie and enjoying eachothers company. She spent the night with me and, I thought we’d wake up early to go about our day, but we ended up sleeping until 3PM… 😅

Anyways, we dranks some coffee and moved along. 5 days already passed since this New Year began and all the projects are still waiting to be completed. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

P.S.: at least there is good weather!

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📘 Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021, Badalona

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Waking up late to the second day of this new year. It feels a bit strange now to keep in mind we’re not in 2020 any longer, so now I have to write the right date whenever I work. I hope to keep the errors to a minimum. 😅

Anyways, there are a couple of projects that ABSOLUTELY need to be finished ASAP, so I can start my new contract with ease of mind. There is lots to do and little time to do them. Being organized and hardcore prioritization are going to be the key to success.

Never a better time than now to continue working hard towards our Life Goals.

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📘 Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, Mediona

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Last day of the year. Making it worthwile.

Finally had a decent sleep and woke up at a decent time too. Grabbed some coffee, stretched, warmed up, jumped right behind the laptop and started working.

Got some 4 hours of work in before my dad came to pick me up to go to the house next to Montserrat and celebrate New Year.

I said “celebrate” but there isn’t really much to celebrate. For the most part this year has been shyet, for everybody, and especially the Armenians. I won’t go much into details. A quick google search will give you a good idea of what happened.

Anyways, life goes on. The living have to keep on moving, while the dead finally rest.

Without getting any darker, let me try to keep it simple:

Happy New Year to everybody.
May this new year bring us one step closer to peace, love and unity for Mankind.

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📘 Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020, Badalona

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Woke up to another beautiful day of getting shyet done! Grabbed a coffee and jumped right into work.

First thing that crossed my mind, as it has been doing in the last few months, is how I can help my people in succeeding in life. We gotta stop being victims and survivors of atrocity after atrocity. It’s time we give a very stern reply to our enemies and reward our friends.

Jumping right into it!

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📘 Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020, Badalona

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It has been a week since the last “daily” post. Between being occupied and constantly forgetting I couldn’t attend to the blog, but here I am again, right before the start of another week, catching up with my tasks.

Anyways, didn’t “wake up” today, because, technically, I never went to sleep in the first place. This last week my sleeping schedule has been pretty much fucked up, everyday sleeping a little later, until the point where I was going to sleep at 8-9 AM in the morning and waking up 3 PM during the afternoon. So, yesterday, slept in until 8-9 PM so I would stay up all Saturday night until now, Sunday night. I did nap for a couple of hours though, because my body craved for some sleep. 😅

Hopefully, going to sleep on time tonight, will fix my sleep, so I can wake up tomorrow early and start the day, as Spanish people say, “como Dios manda”, which means “as God intended”. 😹

Work-wise it has been a busy week, although the last couple of days, I’ve taken it easy because of the holidays. I’ve used this free time to binge-watch some series and a couple of movies, and played some Battlefield 4 to blow off steam. It worked. Feeling refreshed now with my mind at ease.

I’m gonna finish this Sunday on a chill note watching some more episodes of The Mandalorian and going to sleep on time.

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📘 Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020, Badalona

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We arrived to December 19th before I knew it. Time flies by, life goes on. Everyday counts. Everyday we got to keep working hard.

My last Five Minute Journal entry was from last Wednesday. Got too occupied with work. So much that I couldn’t dedicate a bit of time to the Blog. Sometime I also forgot about the Blog altogether. 😅

Yesterday got a very bad news, although it doesn’t come as a surprise. I won’t go into details, but I can say it sucks.

But hey, life goes on. Time for doing something about it will come, most probably in the near future. For now, today I’ll take it easy with a bit of exploring the net, hanging out with my friedns and doing a little bit of work.

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