QR: turdey Thinks they Own the Aegean Sea. News Flash for them: THEY DON’T

Türkiye will not give Greece a single mile of territorial waters in the Aegean Sea

Mevlut Cavusoglu

It’s was never yours to begin with, you absolute donut.

GTFO out of Greek and Armenian lands. Stop the occupation of Constantinople by returning it to the rightful owner. Stop terrorizing innocent Armenian and Greek lives.

Or suffer the consequences.

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QR: “Holodomor” Declared to be Genocide by Germany. Good, Now Name the Cunts Who Masterminded It.

The perpetrators are the soviets, communist russians and collaborating slave communist republics, but who was the real mastermind behind this genocide, and behind most other artificial famines in the world during the last couple centuries which ended up killing millions of innocent lives? Yes, the JEWS, the Tribe of Satan.

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