QR: All Agents of Evil, like AwakenWithJP, Show their Faces Eventually

This is what they do; First they build up a channel/medium, then accumulate a considerable following of sheep, and finally they start to slowly shift towards the zio propaganda. Notable examples include the russia today news corporation, jordan peterson, jesse lee peterson (the black faggot “pastor”), un tio blanco hetero (spanish faggot, jordan peterson kiss-ass), etc. These are just from the top of my head.

This piece of shit conveniently overlooks all the terrorism the Palestinians have been suffering for decades. Somehow it’s not terrorism when the jews do it. Somehow their Evil deeds are always justified. Either he’s dumb as fuck or pretending not to know. I think it’s the latter.

For someone preaching to always stand for Truth and what’s Right he sure does like to kiss the evil terrorist zionists’ ass.

Also, those people at the festival, they should have known better than to go on a drugs-rampant “party” on Palestinian’s occupied lands. If degenerates like those were to throw a “party” in currently occupied Artsakh and died as a result of collateral fire while we retake our Lands then it would be exactly the same thing.

They don’t have my sympathy. They should have known better than to support the terrorist jew state.

In regards to “beheaded babies” and “raped whamen”, that is exactly what’s been happening to Palestinians from the israhelli side! JLP, you filthy Evil lying fuck! You’re a piece of shit.

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