QR: ARMOS Flailing and Flapping when Called Out on their Defeatist Rhetoric


Recently, while in the process of shutting down my social media accounts, I saw a post of Zartonk Media and under it many comments I didn’t like at all, so I proceeded to troll and provoke them a little. And sure enough, one BETA MALE ARMO particularly stood out among all the other feeble-minded defeatist rhetoric spouting ARMOS.

I replied to some of the comments calling him out on his BS. He couldn’t handle the heat of the kitchen by himself, so he took it upon himself to “expose” me on another platform, namely the Armenia Reddit page with this post, where he expected for the rest of mostly diasporan BETA MALE ARMOS to pile on me with their sheeple minded shouting down tactics straight out of George Orwell‘s Animal Farm (a must read book).

The Who

The guy goes by the username arin_bg on Instagram and madat-the-great (talk about self-aggrandizement) on Reddit. His name, as stated in his IG bio, is Arin Baghramian.

Here is the face of the mentally defeated sheeple from his IG profile:

The convo on IG comments

Click to see the full image.

The What

He got a couple of other BETA MALE ARMOS like him to try and shame me, but mostly invoked indifference, a warning from the group moderators and finally the “deletion” (or archiving?) of the post.

Don’t be deceived though, because the Reddit Armenia group moderators are also mostly BETA MALE ARMO assholes who happily deleted some of my previous useful comments towards the Armenian community in the group.

Those “moderators” have effectively hijacked the group for their western influenced harmful ideologies and propaganda-furthering with full-on censorship of the reasonable pro-Armenia voices like the good useful-idiots they are, ever so ignorant of the ways they’re actually being used to effectively continue hurting Armenia instead of helping it like they think they are.

Even for those BETA MALE ARMOS moderators this guy’s post was waaaay too BETA! 😹

Moving forward

I got an idea while interacting with this failed specimen of a young Armenian male. I’ll create a whole section on Armancius Blog called The Wall Of Shame where I’ll be “pinning” the most shameful (and sadly some of them too much of a mindlessly bleeted), dumb and/or defeatist rhetoric “arguments” (if I may be so lenient and generously call it that).

It’s one thing to internally feel conflicted and/or frustrated with the current poor state of affairs of the Armenians. And it’s perfectly ok to vent out at the incompetent authorities who aren’t capable of doing their job, or some (like me) might even say that they’re traitors working from the inside to make the Armenian people crumble from within. But it’s never ok, like these people do, to go on spouting cowardly defeatist nonsense as if there were nothing to do aside from bending over and get fucked (pardon my french) from all sides where our enemies are coming from.


On a more serious note and a message to my fellow Armenians who are yet in a Fallen State; don’t give up so easily. We still exist thanks to the great efforts and life struggles of those who came before us. Anything less than continuing the Good fight, the Righteous fight for the Armenian Cause, is an insult to those who paid the ultimate price. For me, the insult is as grave as it’d be to go and literally spit on the graves of our Heroes who have fallen while fighting.

If you can’t find the strength to overcome your fears then I’d ask of you, for the Love of God, PLEASE, to at the very least not externalize your fears and infect others with it. We can win this war, and we will, but with your defeatist mentality and fear mongering based on your uninformed ignorant opinions you might very well end up sabotaging the Armenian Cause, and make your greatest fears actually come true, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fear is not a disease of the body; fear kills the soul.

Mahatma Gandhi