QR: Body Positivity My ASS! You’re Fat and you’re DYING!

Saw this on Instagram today and had to share my take on it.


You’re eating yourself to an early grave and you hurt only yourself with those irresponsible actions.

Your friend tried telling you but you wouldn’t listen to the Truth. You’d rather circle-jerk with a bunch of other obese females and bunch of faggots.

That faggot host is not the one doing you any favors. He’s just scoring virtue signaling points and pretending to care. The only thing the coward was able to do was try to bully an upstanding Man who’s telling you the Truh with the identically lost souls called live audience.

The only one who truly cares about you is Christian Duboise. The rest know the Truth but don’t Love you enough so as to tell you what you need to hear.

For the rest of you reading this, watch the show on Youtube and judge for yourself: