QR: Brian Nguyen, a Obese, Mentally ill, Male Pretending to be Female, Wins Beauty Pageant… WTF

The Evil just made another statement, which tantamounts to spitting in Real Women’s face, stating; a FAT FUCK MALE is a BETTER WOMAN than actual WOMAN!

What has the world come to? Oh, it’s the US? No surprises there then. Afterall the US is the leading country in matters of degeneracy, and as the saying goes; “when the us sneezes the world catches a cold”, so expect this BULLSHIT to be exported to other western countries very soon.

Women, don’t tolerate this. It’s not doing you any favors going along with this mass psychosis of mental delusion. Stand up against this Evil! Boycott the whole thing if you have to, but NEVER go along!