QR: “Holodomor” Declared to be Genocide by Germany. Good, Now Name the Cunts Who Masterminded It.

The perpetrators are the soviets, communist russians and collaborating slave communist republics, but who was the real mastermind behind this genocide, and behind most other artificial famines in the world during the last couple centuries which ended up killing millions of innocent lives? Yes, the JEWS, the Tribe of Satan.

And today they’re continuing to do the same thing, just that now it seems they’ll have a better cover, namely the Russia-Ukraine war, which has halted mass production of grain and exports to countries who heavily depended on it, while at the same time hindering farmers around the globe from producing the necessary goods for people’s sustainment like in the Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Belgium, etc.

“Coincidentally” though, at the same time food warehouses in US and other countries have been going up in flames. The Evil Tribe of Satan tries to deny this fact, a Truth we The People can see with our very own eyes, and claim it’s all “conspiracy theories” through the “fact-checking” organizations/websites they own. How convenient, ay?

I don’t buy any of their lies, claiming to be backed up by “experts” who time and time again have been proved to be corrupt fame-chasing money-hungry crooks who would be able to sell their own mothers for profits, neither do I believe any of their “fact-checking” disinformation churning factories of which the only purpose is to gain credibility, a credibility which is dwindling and decreasing by the day now that people are waking up (not becoming woke, which is retarded).