QR: Lauren Wasser, Wise Up a Bit

The following reactions are to the excerpt beginning at 46:30:

TL;DR – Cool story bro, but why do you have to shit on Men like a typical ungrateful feminazi cunt? You simultaneously blame and require of Men to provide and care for you, while at the same time claiming to be equal…

It could have easily been prevented? It happened due to greed? Well, the usual suspects are the hook-nosed tribe, so you can start your blame-game there.

Then she proceeds to state that if something similar were happening to Men and their dicks were falling off it’d have been dealt with to stop happening, claiming whamen are not a priority. The audacity on this bitch. Anywhere in the western world, which is where she lives, women are the TOP priority. Everything in the west revolves around gynocentrism. This ungrateful cunt…

As if all that weren’t enough, she proceeds to incorrectly state that they (females) create Life. NO, YOU MORON. Life comes from the seed of Man, and that seed gets planted in you for it to grow. You grow the life for a while then pop it out. You DON’T create it.

Afterwards, to top it all off, she states that those same Men still decide in their place what they can and can’t do with their bodies… where to even begin tackling this BULLSHIT, which obviously refers to the roe v wade overturn allowing each US state to decide by themselves whether to allow abortion or not.

Let me try; You dumb cunt, you can go jump from a bridge for all I care. You can pour gasoline on yourself and catch fire, you can go eat until you become a balloon, you can go and find a new hobby, …., do whatever the fuck you want. But you’re not allowed to MURDER the children of Men who happen to be growing inside you. Because that’s Evil and that should ABSOLUTELY not be allowed.

One could say it’s common sense and that we shouldn’t even need any voting nor laws in that regards, but you’d be amazed at the amount of retarded brainswashed indoctrinated mouth-breathers out there who foolishly carry out and repeat the jewish marxist feminazi propaganda they’re told to.

I’ll be lenient and consider you’re spouting nonsense without thinking because of emotional distress due to your trauma, which for what it’s worth I do think it’s horrible for a person to go through, but still it doesn’t give you the permission to shit on Men and talk as if you were owed a cushy life by them.

Didn’t see you demanding those cushy provisions from whamen, perhaps because you know they’re incapable? Or do you hate Men that much that you blindly straight away blame them for anything bad happening to you?

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