QR: Pretending to be A Man of the People For the People

UPDATE: Seems like the guy deleted the video. What might have been the reason? I’ll link another one of his videos then, because the important thing is to associate his “supposed message for unity” with a face so you guys recognize him next time you come acrose him.

It’s guys like these who reek of being a chosenite. I mean, his name already points in that very direction, “Iman Gadzhi”, as being from the Dagestan area, of possibly Avar origin. If we were to do a DNA test on this guy it’d probably show a high affinity to haplogroups commonly found in jewish populations.

Until he properly identifies himself I’ll continue assuming his part of the problem instead of the solution, which he so vehemently tries to pose as.

Now deleted video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9jGqr-Osjc

New alternative video just to attach a face to the name: