QR: The Time a Terrorist Sympathiser gave a Lecture on Religious Morality to the Depraved Europeans

You know you’ve fallen to the deepest of depths when a terrorist sympathiser gives you a lecture on morality. I mean, how much worse than that can it get until you understand you’ve long lost the moral superiority? I’m talking to you, the collective “West”.

Once you did have some common sense, but that used to be more than 100 years ago. Now you’re not even the empty shell of what Europe used to be. The last upstanding Men and Women died; they got tortured, murdered and raped until their destruction until around right after the second world war finished.

Fast-forward to today. One of your imported turk-azeri terrorist sympathisers refuses to go along with your globo-homo propaganda citing religious reasons. And rightfully so. I’d even make a case of throwing the faggoty armband on the ground, spitting on it, pour some gasoline and burn it, all in front of cameras to get the point across, that we won’t give in to Evil depravity!