QR: This is Why You 100% Should Have Guns

It really is astonishing to me how little respect and love people have for themselves and other that they would allow Evil to maim or kill them, like this total BETA MALE allowed this fuck to get into the house with a ladder and through the window…

A reply to the tweet provides further context to the whole situation:

“An Algerian migrant, 26-year-old Mohammed Amana, could not accept that his Swedish girlfriend had broken up with him. On May 25th of this year, he used a ladder to climb into the apartment where she was staying and attacked her with a stone and a knife. The attack was filmed by the ex-girlfriend’s friend who was also in the residence.

The woman who had broken up with Mohammed Amana was temporarily staying with a male friend. Amana located her and attacked her with a kitchen knife, as recently reported by Samnytt.

The friend of the ex-girlfriend can be heard saying: “He stabbed me with a knife, he stabbed me with a knife, a large kitchen knife.”

Mohammed Amana was sentenced to two years in prison and is to be deported with a ten-year ban on returning to Sweden. This is not the first time he has been sentenced to deportation, but the earlier deportation was never carried out. Instead, Mohammed Amana has remained in the country and committed several new crimes, for which he has been sentenced in recent years. It remains to be seen whether the new deportation will be carried out.”

In my case? If I had a gun I’d have blasted a couple of shots in his face. In any case, I’d at the very least thrown a chair on his head.

Immigration should be controlled. Deport all the filthy lowlifes. Don’t let any more in. Make the criminal ones pay for their crimes with forced labour and only then deport them with a permanent ban on returning.

Import the third-world, become the third-world.

As the OP of the tweet with the video said: “This isn’t hard”

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