Another Smear-Campaign Video Against Men

She was a crazy manipulative female, and he was a angry insecure dude with mommy-issues.
The combination led to the tragic outcome.

This “documentary” is just another smear-campaign against men in general, trying to make him out o be a crazy murderer and her a innocent angel who did nothing wrong.
You people disgust me, same as race-hustlers and all fake followers of the religion they claim to be part of.

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QR: The Spanish Inquisition Lives On, And they Went After Shakira!

European pirates, who’ve honed their skills through centuries of stealing their citizens money, continue doing the very same thing well into the 21th century. Filthy thiefs, living off of the backs of the average hard-working person. These parasites should be dealt with properly. This thievery should be stopped ASAP! References

QR: All Agents of Evil, like AwakenWithJP, Show their Faces Eventually

This is what they do; First they build up a channel/medium, then accumulate a considerable following of sheep, and finally they start to slowly shift towards the zio propaganda. Notable examples include the russia today news corporation, jordan peterson, jesse lee peterson (the black faggot “pastor”), un tio blanco hetero (spanish faggot, jordan peterson kiss-ass), … Read more

QR: Lauren Wasser, Wise Up a Bit

The following reactions are to the excerpt beginning at 46:30: TL;DR – Cool story bro, but why do you have to shit on Men like a typical ungrateful feminazi cunt? You simultaneously blame and require of Men to provide and care for you, while at the same time claiming to be equal… It could have … Read more

QR: The Forbidden Karaoke Song

I came across this curious bit of information while watching MrBallen’s latest video: The number #3 story is about a guy who got killed for singing a song at a Karaoke bar in the Philippines. The song in question in My Way by Frank Sinatra: There is a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to this so-called … Read more

QR: Dumb Celebrations Made In USA

Such a waste of life. Of course, it was an unfortunate accident, but I think the pilot dying for a stunt at a meaningless dumb “celebration” devalues from that person’s death. Maybe it’s just me, but if I were a pilot who dies while performing on duty I’d rather be dying while trying to extinguish … Read more

QR: Escapism Personified

Look at all these lost kids trying to escape from their spiritual suffering through the use of drugs. They’re clearly unhinged, sad, suffering from mental pain, … Not a good state to be in! Say NO to drugs! PS: this degenerate drugs “festival” could be considered to be pretty mild compared to the big-city USA … Read more

QR: This is Why You 100% Should Have Guns

It really is astonishing to me how little respect and love people have for themselves and other that they would allow Evil to maim or kill them, like this total BETA MALE allowed this fuck to get into the house with a ladder and through the window… A reply to the tweet provides further context … Read more