Saturday! Woke up a bit late though. I mean, I woke up sooner, at around 9ish, but decided to sleep in a bit more, because my body didn’t feel all that good. Knowing my body I just know forcing myself to get up and go on with the day will be pure torture and quite unproductive. I’m way more productive when I’ve got my fair share of sleep and rest.

Anyways, there is some work to take care of, because the workweek didn’t end on Friday. We gotta keep on pushing and get more hours of work in. There is so much to do yet so little time, so just sitting around and wasting time is not ideal. If you want something you gotta put the work in.

Regarding photography and vlogging, day by day I’m learning and mastering the basics. I’m also buying all the necessary accessories, so the expenses are piling up. πŸ˜…
But these are aboslutely necessary expenses, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do my work and realize my projects.

Anyho’, gotta finish writing this blog post and go grocery shopping. This weekend I get chicken nuggets as my prize for working hard!

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. … life.
  2. … cameras.
  3. … food.

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. … satisfied.
  2. … working hard, every day.
  3. … dedicated to my work.

What would make today great?

  1. Get those chicken nuggets!
  2. Watch a movie.
  3. Sleep no later than 2AM.

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. “Sleep no later than 2AM.” Nobody believed that! 😹
  2. Watched a movie.
  3. Did lots of research for my photography and video streaming setup.

How could I have made today even better?

Little to nothing.