Good morning y’all! What a night it was! Lost a couple of teeth in a street “playa” fight! 😹
Keep reading to find out the full story! lol.

Overall, yesterday was quite a good day. It started out nicely, getting right on the laptop and started working. Later in the afternoon, the optical fibre internet technician came to install the new Jaztell 1Gbps line! Got installed quick because the optical fibre line was already there from a previous company. I got the sweet 1Gbps! πŸ’–

Feels good to finally enjoy these crazy speeds! Hopefully I can get the same in Armenia. One can hope.

At night I had a meetup with my good friend Yasir and co. Met up at Monkey Factory, but we went walking to another meetup because Monkey was empty. At the other place it was way more crowded and with a better atmosphere. At the new place (can’t remember the name) we met with a group of people we knew, so we played some pool, chatted for a bit, had a drink, and afterwards decided to go to the beach.

We bought some snacks and sat on the sands of the Barceloneta beach. All was fine and dandy, listening to some music on Parthik’s speaker he went to get, eating the snacks, joking around and chatting.

From far away we could see the police approaching with their beach patrol car telling people to get off the beach so the beach workers could water the sand with a hose. I guess for cleaning purposes and whatnot.

Before they could get to us though, we noticed a drunk/coked-up moroccan dude in his forties harassing the group 10 meters away from us, demanding from them to give up his “red backpack”. Mind you, he had a big ass yellow backpack with him which he threw on the ground. I don’t think there even was a red backpack to begin with. Either way, I couldn’t care less.

After going through the poor guys’ stuff he put his eyes on us and instantly I knew there would be trouble. He came storming towards us and stood above us, almost going into the middle of the circle of friends, again demanding for people to give back his “red backpack”.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

He must have been out of his mind because from just a glance he could see that there wasn’t any backpack around. None of us had any backpack. We told him as much several times, but he wouldn’t listen. He kept going on and on about this non-existent red backpack of his. So me and Yasir stood up and told him to piss off and he got agitated, getting more agitated and in our faces. We slightly pushed him so that he would get the hint to beat it and now the dude goes into a screaming match.

All of a sudden I get sucker punched with a hook from my right side by Mr Backpack’s friend who I hadn’t noticed until then. I got a flash knockdown and fell on my ass. Still perfectly conscious and lucid though, I felt like I had sand in my mouth, only to quickly realize that wasn’t sand nor rocks. Those were parts of my three lower front teeth that had been broken. It felt like all my front teeth had gone missing though, so I got very pissed off at the thought.

Now my blood starts boiling as I realize IT’S ON. IT’S KICKING ASS TIME! I spit out my broken teeth pieces, get up and start swinging for Asshole Number 2. Mind you, both of them were much taller and bigger in size, but they got their asses kicked by a small dude like me. Asshole #2 couldn’t even knock me out with that traitorous cowardly hit.

I get a punch or two in before a grabbing and pushing match ensues. Because of the brief moments of grabbing and pushing without punches, I try to understand and get a better idea of who and how many I’m fighting against. I see a black dude in the middle of the mess, but he seemed to not being involved since it seemed like he was trying to stop the fighting. He got quickly pushed to the side.

Of my group of friends I’m the only martial arts dude with some training in MMA and Boxing in more recent days. In these situations I know for a fact that my backup is limited to friends helping out with grabbing and separating, not so much for proper punching, kicking and throwing. Still, Yasir and Parthik did a lot by pushing, grabbing and some punches here and there.

Anwyays, after the grabbing contest these assholes attack me with punches from both sides at the same time. I block as many as possible while moving, but they still manage to land a few. I move towards the sucker puncher, Mr Asshole #2 since he looks the most fit and capable of fighting so I could neutralize him first. I land a spinning elbow to his head and once faced towards him I start throwing wild punches with several landing flush. He throws a few back, but either missed or I blocked them.

Mr Asshole #1 again comes from behind and lands a punch, because my friends and other bystanders didn’t manage to hold him. So again, I turn towards Asshole #1 and start landing a couple of well placed punches on his dumbass head. At the same time as I do this I make sure to turn and move towards the left so I could see the two Assholes at the same time. Now they’re walking both towards me, having felt first-hand that I’m their ass-beater. At this point they’re starting to gas, not being able to run anymore. Asshole #1 squares up and says “lets box” 😹, and I’m like “Alright, no problem. But then make it 1 vs 1 you cowards, then I’ll deal with you both”.

They don’t reply. They only kept coming forwards and nobody got in the middle because they probably thought we’d disengage. Nothing further from the truth, because I see Asshole #2 coming closer and into my range, and I see him ready to throw another big right punch. He throws, I dodge. I threw one of my own, he dodged. This happened again.

On his third try, before he could extend his punching arm, I threw a super well placed jab to his jaw which landed beautifully. It gave him a flash knockdown, going out of balance and falling on one knee. He gets a bit flustered and tries to stand up again, and did so with a bit of effort. Seems like the meathead didn’t have enough with one so he steps in again with another big shot, which I had to block because Asshole #1 again tried to sucker punch me from the left since, again, nobody was holding him.

Now I’m swinging at both of them, landing a couple on Asshole #2 and, because some people grabbed him to make him stop, and so as to avoid punches from close range from Asshole #1, I go in for a takedown on Asshole #1. I lunge in with my body lowered, grab a leg, lift it up and take him off balance, and leap forward, making him land on his back and me on top.

At this point, having full mount on top of Asshole #1 and having him immobilized, I had two options; 1 – Bash his head in with elbows, or 2 – Give him the opportunity to give up and stop. People were holding off Asshole #2 so for a moment I could stop worrying about him. Asshole #1 flails around until he gasses and agrees to stop.

All of a sudden I get a kick from my right to my shoulder/sides from Asshole #2, again, because nobody was capable of holding him. So I get up from Asshole #1 and proceed to punching Asshole #2 again, landing a few and making him back up walking towards the walking area. Towards the end of my combo I connect a very well placed jab which again causes a flash knockdown and him falling to his knees. This time I had enough and was going in for the kill, so leaped forward and tried to knock him out with a head kick while he was on his knees, but I landed it on his neck/shoulder instead because he got up more quickly than I had foreseen.

At this point Asshole #2 realizes he’s about to get his ass kicked in a very bad way, so in a panic he turns into a wrestler and gets a takedown on me. Since I’m trained in MMA to me it doesn’t matter whether I’m on my back or not. I can fight from any position.

I thought Asshole #1 would be true to his word and stop fighting, but that was wishful thinking. While I’m on the ground, blocking and holding Asshole #2, suddenly I get kicked on the right side of my face by Asshole #1. I got super pissed off and started yelling at people and my friends to get a hold of that Asshole so I wouldn’t receive any more unnecessary hits like that. 3 sucker punches and kicks to the head in the span of a minute was WAY too much for my limited patience.

While they finally grab and hold Asshole #1, I had a couple of options for Asshole #2; 1 – Bash his head with punches and kicks, and put him to sleep with a guillotine, or 2 – Give him the oportunity to stop. I asked him “Are you gonna stop or do you need me to beat you more??”. After repeating the question for a second time, he replies “But you gotta really stop and we gotta talk”. Can you believe this guy? On top of it all he paints us as the agressors! I told him “I’m gonna let you go, but if you don’t stop I’ll beat your ass again”.

So finally he calms down and we both get up. Asshole #2 finally had enough ass whoopin’ and went walking to grab his stuff from the sand. Asshole #1 is still agitated though and kept grabbing my friend Yasir by the shirt. I told him to let go and tried to pry his hands off of my friend but he wouldn’t let go. I angrily tell Asshole #2 to come and calm down his friend, otherwise he’d be getting hit again, but he didn’t do shit, so Yasir and me we pin him to the ground. Even then he wouldn’t let go from Yasir’s shirt.

At that exact time a group of police arrived, brandishing shining batons with which they started beating Asshole #1 because he wouldn’t stop grabbing even after being commanded to. He listened to the baton hits though! 😹

With Asshole #1 being beaten up by police and Asshole #2 gassed out and given up, I approach Asshole #2 and reproach him for breaking my teeth. You can’t go through life thinking you’re the shit and above the law. Everything has consequences and he got his ass whooped for that cowardly traitorous surprise punch.

Police separate everybody and proceed to handcuff Asshole #2 because of the sucker punch and breaking my teeth. They asked me whether I wanted to file a complaint against him and I said of course. They called an ambulance which quickly came. I didn’t need assistance, but the medical file is required for filing a complaint against the Asshole.

However, the police adviced against filing a complaint against Asshole #1, because, I quote “the state you left his face in after repeatedly punching his head”. For that reason he could file a complaint against me too and the trial would be a waste of time. This country’s laws are a joke, even the cops agreed to as much. 😹😹😹
I asked him whether I’d still have the option to file a complaint if he decided to litigate to which the agent said yes. So Asshole #1 got spared and Asshole #2 went to jail.

I had to be taken to a hospital nearby with the ambulance to get a last check-up and the documents, so I said goodbye to my friends and we drove off. Yasir took my electric scooter with him since I couldn’t take it with me to the hospital.

I was quickly discharged after receiving the documents for the police complaint. I went walking to Plaza Catalunya to grab the N2 night bus and finally got home.

Took a shower and laid down for a bit going through everything that happened and all the details I could remember. Surprisingly, woke up early today after only 5 hours of sleep feeling refreshed. Grabbed a cup of coffee and some pryaniki πŸ˜‹, and proceeded with writing down this post while the facts were fresh in my mind.

A short while ago the police called for the next steps. They told me to send over the medical documents through Whatsapp/Telegram so that they can add it to the file and the future trial.

Let’s see where all of this goes. Knowing the Spanish law and system I’ll be lucky if the bastard Asshole #2 pays for reparations. I don’t place my hopes on it though πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ, would be a waste of time anyway. Since nothing major happened and nobody aside from me got seriously hurt, I’d say all is good. Life goes on and so do we with it.

Lastly, I just want to state that, despite Yasir and Parthik not being martial arts guys and into fighting they still helped a lot by grabbing, holding and keeping the Assholes from ganging up on me two at the same time. Thank you my guys! More people should have balls and be Men like you!

Without further ado, on with the rest of the day!

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. Friends who got my back when the time comes.
  2. Beautiful summer weather.
  3. Being able to fight 😹

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. Feeling energized.
  2. Continuing doing the Right thing.
  3. Dedicated to what I’m passionate about.

What would make today great?

  1. Get a bit of work done.
  2. Meet up with my friends for dinner and watching football.
  3. Do a bit more work before going to sleep.

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. Got work done.
  2. Met up with friends for dinner, football and parteee.
  3. Didn’t hang out for too long.

How could I have made today even better?

Little to nothing.