What a busy day it was! Woke up late’ish, around 12:30, and talked with my bro Onik to meet up. So we did at 14:30 and went walking towards Sagrada Familia all the while stopping at a bar for a cup of coffee and some chatting. After a little bit we arrived at the Sagrada Familia and sat at one of the terrace in front for a soft drink. We did some more chatting and proceeded to got in front of the basΓ­lica to take some pictures.

There was this handicapped person (lower half of legs missing) who was doing a little show with his wheelchair and some music. He was very much into it so we decided to watch and me to take some pictures and videos, which I sent him through Google Drive. My bro Onik really liked how dedicated the guy was to his show so he ended up giving him a couple of coins. After taking some pictures of Onik too we started going back towards his hotel.

I said my goodbye to my bro at this hotel and decided to catch up with my other friends at the usual meetup place of La Pecera Pool to play a bit of pool. When I arrived there I didn’t see anybody. After some 15min two friends appeared and told me that there wasn’t any meetup going on here, that there was a dancing event at the Parc Del Joan MirΓ³ park we should definitely check out, so there we went.

There were lots of young people dancing and having fun, so after taking many pictures and videos of the surroundings we decided to join. I recorded my friends dancing and having fun. Not even 10 minuts passed until a girl and a guy approached me asking who I was and why I was recording the people dancing. We told them that I’m just recording for fun, as a hobby, practicing and honing my skills. She didn’t like that. She already came with the idea, assuming I was recording with evil intentions, that she wanted to check out the footage, whether she was in it and make me delete it.

Here is a little advice for anyone reading this: Telling me what to do is a big NO-NO. If you want to ask a favor of me I’ll happily help, as long as you approach and ask me nicely. The moment you give me attitude and tell me what and how to do things is when I kindly tell you to Fuck Off. First I’ll tell you to Fuck Off nicely. If you’re still there, standing beside me, and still giving me attitude, then I’ll become less refined in my manners and tell you to Fuck Off explicitly with an underlying threat of physical harm that will come to you, because you still being there in my personal space despite me telling you to get out of face I take as a clear sign of you showing ill will towards me with the potential of harming my physical integrity, so I’ll act.
Just an FYI.

The guy asked for my ID and I told him “no problem, will you show me yours too?”. He said yes, so I let him take a picture of my ID and later I took a picture of his ID too. I had to go after him though, because I’m gonna assume, he forgot he had to come back with his ID and went to dance instead. Let’s be lenient with dem kids. We talked calmly and logically again about the whole thing and, as men, came to an understanding and there were no bad feelings between us anymore.

The girl, though, kept giving me attitude so I kindly told her to stop talking to me, because I was done talking to her. If she had any issues she could call the police for all I cared. After she left us, and while I was looking for the guy to photograph his ID, I heard her talk with her friends (3 guys and one girl) and mention them about the situation she had with me, trying to rile them up and get them to fight me. You know how women are; vile, evil, lying, deceiving and conceiving behind your back. That’s the only way they know how to act though, so I don’t judge them for that. I understand they can’t help themselves. HOWEVER, that doesn’t save you from a potential ass beating. If those guys were white-knights and decided to come up to me for a fight then I already decided in my mind that I’d run up to that girl and kick her in the face.
If you’re going to play the game then be ready for the consequences. Being a woman, in my book, doesn’t exclude you from the ass beating coming to you for your actions. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The good thing for her was that her friends had much more common sense than her, and I suspect that, knowing her, they knew how much of a cunt she could be and didn’t feel like getting into a fight because of their retarded friend. That’s all I overheard and understood form their conversation while passing by.

With that I considered that situation done and dealt with, so I went back to recording my friends and even myself danced a little bit with a nice girl there.

After being done dancing, a friend and I went walking to the commercial center of Las Arenas for a quick pee and then we went on our separate ways.

While on my way back home on my electric scooter I found a wallet. I almost missed it in the falling dark, but spotted it thanks to the strong flashlight of my scooter. I picked it up, looked at the ID (what a day involving ID’s everywhere lol) and searched for the guy on Facebook. Wrote him a message which I doubted he would read before I got home, so I continued my path. Just a couple of blocks later I saw two young guys riding bicycles in the opposite direction. Because of the mask I couldn’t tell whether it was the same guy from the photo on the ID, but I could at least see his curly hair, so I thought it might be him. I chased them, and while chasing I could tell they were looking for something on the ground and after asking them, it turned out indeed it was the guy.

He thanked me and wanted to give me some money, and the other guy invited me to some drinks, but I thanked them and excused myself since I had work to take care of at home for the following week.

At around Plaza Catalunya, while waiting at red traffic lights, I decided to give my bro Alfons a call and see whether he would be up for dinner together at his place. He didn’t pick my calls nor replied to my texts, so near his house, at a pizza joint, I ordered a big pizza. After getting the pizza I decided to check form outside whether he was at home, just in case. As I arrived and saw his lights on I started to get calls from him on my phone. Told him to come outside to the balcony and greet his pizza delivery, lol. 😹
We ate the delicious pizza, did some catching up and then I went back home.

On my way home though a guy near the metro exit of Sant MartΓ­ asked me for a favor; to borrow my phone for a call. By his looks I wouldn’t know whether he had bad intentions or whether he was telling the truth. I mean, it was 22:30, lockdown was already in effect and he was dressed like your typical thug. I told him my condition was that the phone had to stay in my hand the whole time he was calling, that he would talk in speaker mode. He called, his girlfriend picked up and they had their conversation. She would come meet him in 15min and hung up. I wished him good luck and continued my path back home.

The rest of the night was just doing some light work and plan the week ahead. So I went to sleep.

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. … the Sun.
  2. … the gray sky after the Sun.
  3. … friends.

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. … focused.
  2. … dedicated.
  3. … always striving for the best.

What would make today great?

  1. Meet with my bro Onik.
  2. Stroll around the city and take photos & videos.
  3. Have dinner with my bro Alfons.

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. Met with many friends.
  2. Had fun during the whole day.
  3. Did some good deeds.

How could I have made today even better?

Honestly, nothing. Wait, maybe having a tiramisu for dessert would have been nice to top the day off, lol.