I stayed up until 4 doing some work and photo editing for my friends, therefore woke up a bit late. On Sunday we went to the Bunkers Del Carmel to watch the sunset and hang out together for some quality friends time. I used the chance to take some amazing photos of us. Take a look at some of them:

On Saturday wen on with my day by doing some work, then meeting with my friend Michael who’s on vacation from Madrid for a few days here in Barcelona. We went to the beach, swam for the first time since last year, got some exercises in at the beach gym, then afterwards went on to hang out with my friends at Passeig Del Born, which is famous for the many bars and the nightlife. The whole place was packed to the brim! Polic eventually routed everybody out though.

On Sunday spent time at home organzing my clothes, my room and my office, and afterwards went to Bunkers Del Carmel, of which you already saw the photos. We hanged out there and then Yasir and me went to the beach. We stayed for a bit and expected some friedns to come over, but they didn’t, so we went back home. As usual, on our way to the bus station Yasir and me talk and share our thoughts. It’s nice to have close friends like that with whom you can talk with trust.

Then Monday woke up again a bit lateish, but went straight to work. A bit later hit the gym, did some more work, some late night photo editing, series watching and finally sleeping.

And here we are; Tuesday June 15th of 2021. Time sure flies by! Went to the technical job interview, met with my friend from Madrid, hit the gym for some “light” workout, on my way back home saw a very disgusting show of homosexuals performing sex acts on stage at the plaza/park of Sant Adria De BesΓ²s in front of kids. How disgusting can these people be? Very, as they show.

Anyways, here I am, doing some more work before going to sleep. See ya on the next one.

🌞 The Morning Routine

I am grateful for

  1. … summer.
  2. … friends.
  3. … work.

Daily Affirmations. I am

  1. … focused.
  2. … happy.
  3. … hard working.

What would make today great?

  1. Get some work done.
  2. Ace the technical job interview. (spoiler: I didn’t)
  3. Hit the gym.
  4. Do some more work.
  5. Sleep on time.

🌜 The Night Routine

3 Amazing things that happened today…

  1. Got work done.
  2. Failed the interview.
  3. Hit the gym.
  4. In bed on time.

How could I have made today even better?

Nothing much.